Check out the PowerSound by Powerstick! This is a great new gadget that can be customized with your company logo.

The PowerSound charges your device and plays your music wirelessly!

Promo product sales by category

Promo product sales by category

OK getting a little nerdy here, but I have to admit I love a good pie chart. Top 3 categories are:

1.) wearables
2.) bags
3.) writing instruments

All the classics are still top-sellers.

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Dark Souls II Collector Edition

Dark Souls II Collector Edition

The Dark Souls II Collector Edition package to be released Spring 2014. Package includes (as pictured):
Gorgeous Warrior Knight Figurine
Exclusive hardbound Artbook
Full-color microfiber Game Map
Metal case with Game Disc
Original Game Soundtrack

The Power of Bags

Chicago Tribune Ball Caps

Chicago Tribune Ball Caps

Love these classy and hip ball caps we just did for the Chicago Tribune!

Michael Bublé and The Goo Goo Dolls Promo for Warner Records

Michael Bublé and The Goo Goo Dolls Promo for Warner Records

Check out the new display in front of Warner Records in Burbank, CA!

Promotional Products: a great bang for your buck!

Did you know?

Airport business travelers were surveyed about promo products.

  • Over 71% could recall receiving a product in the last twelve months.
  • 76% of these people could recall the company name on the product.
  • 33% actually had the item in their possession at the time!
In the same study, only 53% of business travelers could recall a recent magazine or newspaper advertisement they had seen in the past week.

Promotional products are a great bang for your buck!Image

Welcome to Bob’s Blog!

Welcome to Bob’s Blog from CEO of Offbeat Productions, Shannon Nellis.

Welcome to “The Bob Blog”!

Welcome to “Bob Blog”!